Gabriel Resources - Share Price

Gabriel's stock is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and traded under the symbol GBU. As at July 1, 2021 there were 967,540,188 authorized unlimited common shares issued and outstanding.


As at July 1, 2021, based on regulatory reporting, Gabriel had the following significant shareholders carrying 10% or more of the voting rights attached to the common shares of the Company:


Shareholders %
Kopernik Global Investors, LLC 17.1%
Tenor Capital Management 16.9%
Electrum Global Holdngs 13.2%
The Baupost Group, LLC 10.8%
Paulson & Co. Inc 10.1%


Information as to the percentage shareholding refers to common shares beneficially owned, controlled or directed by certain shareholders which is not within the knowledge of the Company and, accordingly, has been obtained by the Company from publicly-disclosed information and/or furnished by such shareholders.