The region's residents are today isolated and blighted by extremely high unemployment. Mining has been the historic lifeblood of the community.

Gabriel has already invested in a comprehensive set of programmes designed to improve infrastructure and living standards, addressing education, skills training, assistance for the elderly, community health, job and business creation, and respect for the area's archaeological heritage.

Although the area of the proposed mining operation itself is relatively small, the immediate community infrastructure benefits of the Project would extend much more widely, protecting the local agricultural sector and providing the underpinning for a growth in sustainable tourism.

Gabriel has been proactive in engaging communities located on or near the site in consultations and decision-making about the future mine proposal. A high priority has been to ensure that the resettlement and relocation of families affected by the mine is handled with care and empathy and with attention to protection of community identity and the cultural values of the region.

Gabriel has worked with Rosia Montana residents to create a comprehensive Resettlement and Relocation Action Plan ("RRAP") helping both those who remain in their current homes and those seeking new accommodation. To view a copy of the RRAP, please click on the following links:

PDF DownloadResettlement and Relocation Action Plan (RRAP)

PDF DownloadAnnex to the RRAP

A result of this consultation process is the new Recea community near Alba Iulia. Built by Gabriel at a cost of $32m and opened to its first families in 2009, Recea is a modern development shaped by the needs and wishes of residents from Rosia Montana and who are affected by the new mine. This infrastructure was gifted to Alba Iulia Municipality.

Gabriel and RMGC have helped families at every stage of the planning and the relocation process offering legal support, disposal and moving assistance as well as training and school grants.

Sustainability - Community

Above: the Recea resettlement site

Sustainability - Community

Above: the Recea resettlement site

Following a US$32 million investment, the new Recea resettlement site in Alba Iulia consists of 125 houses covering a 24 hectare area.

The entire infrastructure was donated to Alba Iulia municipality and the site includes over 13 km of roads.

There were 12 local construction companies involved in the building process, of which nine were based in Alba Iulia and three came from neighbouring counties.

In all, 1,670 people worked at the Recea site and there is land available and in possession for expansion with up to 80 additional houses.