The Rosia Montana Project could re-invigorate Romania's historic natural resource industry, creating jobs, preserving skills and bringing wealth to the regional and national economy.

The Project was anticipated to boost the Romanian economy by US$19 billion through direct and indirect contributions to GDP according to 2010 estimates from UK-based Oxford Policy Management (using a gold price of US$900/oz), The benefit increases to over US$24 billion at a gold price of US$1,200/oz. This is a significant economic reward, creating employment opportunities, new business possibilities as well as making a major contribution to both local and central governmental budgets.

This development was designed to become a major investment not just for Rosia Montana but for Romania as a whole, providing much needed high-skilled jobs for the community, signalling to the industry worldwide that Romania welcomes the growth of its resource sector, potentially attracting more in foreign direct investment in the future, and stimulating investment across the economic spectrum of Romania's ports, transport, industrial and IT sectors.

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